B-25 Mitchell Drawings

Download  Download the files directly from our website.  Once payment has been received, you will receive a username and password, along with instructions on how to connect to our website and download a compressed executable file to install the entire plan set on your hard drive  The download is 107 megs.  Cost is $20.00.

Payment can be by Check, Money Order, or by  PayPal
When ordering, please specify whether you want to Download, or receive either the CD-ROM or PAPER drawings. 

The drawings are available in .PDF format.  They will need to be printed on ANSI E size paper.
If you purchase the electronic drawings, you will receive 1:1 scale files of those shown below.

You will also receive 21 AutoCAD (DWG) drawings, which are the complete parts, separated by material, thickness and sheet size, ready to send to your favorite laser cutter. 

The AutoCAD drawings are 12" x 30" for liteply, and 4" x 30" for balsa material.

 (Click on each picture for a larger view of the drawings, which are not to scale on this webpage)

Bomb-Bay - Black & White

Bomb-Bay - Color

Fuselage Detail for Step 3

Engines & Engine Trays
Black & White

Engines & Engine Trays

Fuselage Detail for Steps 5 & 6

Engine Comparison
Black & White

Engine Comparison

Fuselage Detail for Step 6b

Zenoah G20ei Engine Tray
Black & White

Zenoah G20ei Engine Tray

Fuselage Detail for Step 7

Fuselage - Black & White

Fuselage - Color

Fuselage Detail for Step 8

Inner Wings & Tail - Black & White

Inner Wings & Tail - Color

Fuselage Detail for Step 9

Outer Wings - Black & White

Outer Wings - Color

Parts - Page 1 - Black & White

Parts - Page 2 - Black & White
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