Conversion to Electric!

The decision to go to electric started last August 2010 while Tom was talking to some of the club members at the Sky Ranch Flyers club.  After a few conversations, and a lot of help from Mike Donovan at, we were ready to go
and started the conversion in March 2011.

Here is our newly installed equipment, available from
Click on each item which will take to its product page.

Hacker Brushless A50-14L


Hacker A50-Motor Mount


Hacker X-80 Opto Pro 3D ESC

Thunder Power Thunder Power 18.5v 3900mAh 25C Batteries.
Used 6mm bullet connectors to attach all components together.

Step 1:  Remove the Nitro Engines

Step 2:  Pull the tray as well

Step 3:  Remove glow plug driver wiring

Step 4: Say goodbye to "glow".

Step 5:  Remove sheeting from under each nacelle.

Step 6:  Remove ribs and front block

Cleaned up and ready for some cutting

We did both sides at the same time

Step 7:  Cutting begins.  We measured in 3/4" front
and back of the nacelle

Step 8:  The side cuts are flush with Ribs 8 & 9.


Step 9:  Glue in 3/4 " blocks front and back.

We like our clamps!

Finished look of the new blocks in place.

Another view of the blocks in place

New Firewalls to mount the engines on.  Notice the
blocks for attaching the engine cowlings to.

Step 10:  Build the battery tray.

Here is the batteries in place


Notice the bottoom of the tray ventilation holes.

this aluminum screen was purchased for $24 from
Menards in their hardware department.

Almost any form of screening will work.

Port Battery compartment in place

The battery compartments will attach with 1/4 20
nylon bolts.  One front, one back.

1/4 20" T-nuts (blind nuts) are installed front
and back of each engine nacelle.

Notice the balsa blocking to lift the batteries to
allow air circulation.

The installation of the ESC's in the nacelle. 
Remove the rib.

another picture of removed rib.

Glue in a 1/4" piece of lite-ply

Mount ESC to lite-ply.

Mount engines