Engine Construction

The assembly of the nacelles started September 1, 2005. The design intent  was to build and cover the engine nacelle first, then assemble it into the  wings last. However, because of the new wing construction, it needs to be added into the middle wing assembly before finishing up the wings.   Here are a few pictures of the construction.

Side by side construction.  Only a few parts need reversing to
create the Port and Starboard Nacelles.


Bottom view of nacelle with landing
gear set in place.

Back view.
Initial placement of landing gear looks good.

Above:  The starboard engine nacelle and phenolic tubes are glued in place. 
Next, the upper spruce spars will be glued on.

Above you can see the Phenolic tubes are in place and fillers on top of
 the tube have been glued in place.

Port engine nacelle has been glued in place.  Then the Phenolic tubes were aligned
and glued in place.  Last step was to glue the 3/8" spruce spars to the top of the
web spar to complete its construction.














The engine trays under construction. 

They will bolt into the engine nacelles
and hold the servo and fuel tank for
easy access.

     I added these photos of the engine mounting system.  You might be thinking I saw this in a
recent R/C magazine, however this was in my
plans for over two years now.


5.1.2006 - Underside of the middle wing section, showing the engine nacelles

5.1.2006 - Close look at the Port engine nacelle

5.1.2006 - Carved and glued the mock engine vents in place over the engines.

5.1.2006 - leading edge applied.

5.1.2006 - Top view of the engines.