The Mechanicals

Here are some  pictures of the mechanicals in the B25.  Hope this helps you with your project!

1.5.2007  Top view of the Robart Air System installed in the belly - bomb bay area.  Being this model has no working wheel bay hatches, I decided not to have
a working bomb bay area, and utilized the space.

1.5.2007  Close view of the servo controlling the
air valve for the Robart Retract system.

1.5.2007  Side view of the air system.  Notice the
left side, where the pressure gage and filler valve
are mounted.  This view is from the rear of the plane,
 so filling the tank will be done behind the wing,
away from the propellers!

1.5.2007  View of the nose gear.  The air hoses
were routed through tubing and secured to the top
 of the wheel well to keep them out of the way. 
This setup uses a pull-pull system.

1.5.2007  A closer look at the pull-pull system.  The cablesdo not need to be tight when connecting them
to the Robart gear, just snug.

1.5.2007  Notice the tubing glued on each side of the wheel well to run the pull-pull cables through.  The less cable you have exposed, the less a chance it will tangle into the gear.

1.5.2007  One more shot of the pull-pull on the nose
 gear servo.  It's a standard Dubro 2-56 pull-pull kit

1.5.2007  Last shot of the nose.  I soldered the cables directly to the Robart Gear.  What I found is if I used
loops and clamps, the cable could swivel and possible
 jam the gear.

3.21.2007  Here is the installation of the newer Robart Air tank, which really improved the performance of the retractable gear.

3.21.2007  rear view of the engine compartment. 
Along the right side you can see the throttle servo
and the mechanicals up to the carb on the engine.



5.21.2009 New mounting for tank.  The tie-downs are hair Bunge's.

5.21.2009  Another View

5.21.2009 Side view

5.21.2009  The in-line Thunder tiger fueling port was removedand replaced with a simple fuel dot.  I had heard some bad stories about the in-line mechanisms sticking and cutting out engines

5.30.2007 Standard Dubro 105 on left, modified version on right.

5.30.2007 Aileron linkage installed.  4-40 rods,
and ball joint.  Dubro 105 control linkage.


Full view of aileron linkage. 


 Full view of flap linkage. 

On the updated plans, I have moved the flap servo closer to the trailing edge of the wing,
to reduce the length of the
push rod.


A look a the underside of the elevators and the connectors.  Those are custom made control horns.  The modified plans call for using standard Dubro control horns.

As this was the proto-type model, I was doing some last minute modifications to make the tail area detachable, and when it came time to fit the mechanicals, I found I
was .25 inches off!

5.30.2007  A closer look at the custom made control horn.

5.30.2007  Rear view at the control horns for the tail assembly.