Fiber Glassing the B25 Mitchell
Here are some  pictures of the progress.
First piece I started was the bomb bay area.  I used the technique of laying down the cloth, them brushing on the resin. 
This technique worked out OK, and if you are working with compound surfaces it's a good idea.
  Using the credit card technique, I was able to complete the top of the wing in the same amount of time as I did the bomb bay, and it was easier
One more shot of the wing.
The better technique for I found, especially on
the flat surfaces, was to lay down the cloth, nice and smooth, then pour the resin on the cloth, in the middle.
Next, using an old credit card, smooth the resin from the middle to the edges, saturating the cloth.
Make sure you leave one 1-2" overhang, and make sure that overhang has been resin'd.  It's easier to cut.
Last of the parts to fiberglass. 
This was a messy process!
First coat of primer reveals all your mistakes.
Middle wing is primed and ready for bondo
Another shot of the middle wing.
The small parts were the most time consuming,
but the easiest to sand.
Parts sanded and ready for another
coat of primer.
Middle wing after bondo and more sanding
Bondo hides a lot of you mistakes.  Remember, weight is everything, so take off as much as you can. 

The red bondo here is paper deep, and is basically filling in the fiberglass web.
The wings, primed and bondo'd.  And yes, that is
hangar damage!  I got "too aggressive" with the broom
sweeping away the bondo dust !
One small piece of glass did the trick. 
Now just a little more sanding. 
I'm really getting tired of sanding!