Fuselage - Step 1:
Start by cutting parts F22 (2 pieces) and F23 (4 pieces) from 3/8” x 3/8” spruce stick and pin to board. 
Glue in place using Tight Bond wood glue.  Next cut parts F24 (2 pieces) from 1/8” x 3/8” spruce, and pin in place, then glue.
Use small blocks to support connectivity between F22 and F23 were F13 will be placed.
Add in a temporary piece of balsa where
F19 glues into place.
While the backbone is drying, mark the locations of all the ribs on the backbone.
Fuselage - Step 2:
Glue together F21 - 3 pieces for each side. 
Gluing all 3 pieces together at once is a bad idea as the alignment may slip, so glue 2 together, let set, then glue the 3rd piece on. 
Use a scrap piece of 3/8 x 3/8 basswood
to keep the notches aligned.
Fuselage - Step 3:
Glue in place ribs F6, F10 and the two laminated F21 Wing Saddles to the backbone.
Use caution sliding the ribs onto the backbone. Glue using yellow or slow epoxy.
All ribs are 90 degrees from the back bone.
Next, glue F7a, F8a and F9a into place.
Fuselage - Step 4:
Glue in ribs F11 through F19.
Start by gluing up F11, then F12, then F13 etc., working from the middle fuselage to the rear of the fuselage.
Make sure all ribs are at 90 degrees
on the backbone.
F73 and F74, the lockdowns for the tail assembly (3/8" x 3/8" balsa) can be
glued down at this time.
Use yellow glue for all joints.
Notice the temporary brace back by Rib 19.  Make one to keep the backbone
of the fuselage frame straight & level
Fuselage - Step 5:
Glue in place F5, F4, F3, then glue F27, which will help you locate F4 position
and make it easier to square it up at 90 degrees.
Let dry.
Fuselage - Step 6:
Glue two F34's in place
and clamp each piece.  
Let Dry.
Glue in rib F2.
Then, glue in F78 (the battery tray).
Glue on F26, and last rib F1.
Make sure all is square.
You can also glue on F76 and F77,
the top cover for the wheel well.
Let dry.
Fuselage - Step 7:
Glue F62 (battery tray) and then
you can begin gluing in the sticks. 
Start in the front section.
F30 will need to be notched
out on the front edge.
Continue with the sticks in the
middle part of the fuselage.
Finish with the sticks in the
back part of the fuselage.
See the drawings for locations
of the sticks.
When gluing the sticks on the bottom of the fuselage, place a temporary support to F19 to keep the backbone of the fuselage straight and level.