Welcome! Back in 2005, I designed my own plans to build a scale B-25 Mitchell bomber. The design was completed using SolidWorks, a 3D modeling  program, and WinFoil. Construction of the first prototype began on Sunday, March 6, 2005 and our first flight took place on August 11, 2007.

Here is a brief history:

2007 - On our maiden flight, we lost an engine and crashed in a corn Field.

2010 - A new paint scheme

2011 - A conversion to Electric!

2013 - New design loses two pounds off the final build!

2015 - Precious Patty Crashes - noting left but a pile of Balsa

Here is the latest news:

January 2019: 
We have started building a new B-25 Mitchell.  Check out the pages on the Fuselage,
Inner-Wing, Outer-Wing and Nacelles.  We are currently working on the tail and will post
Build Instructions soon.

Some changes to hardware - using e-Calc, we are moving away from Hacker motors and
using E-flite instead.
Looking for a good view of the B-25.  Check out this video from Alan Williamson MD for his build of
our B-25 Mitchell.  Click the picture below for a close up of this impressive build.
Click here to go to HD video of his maiden flight on YouTube.
Alan told us ..

After nearly 3½ years of tinkering in the shop, the B-25 is finally complete except for cockpit detailing and nose art.

She had a very successful maiden flight yesterday. 

I made a lot of small changes to be more scale-like, but the basic plans were great!
For the motors, we will be using the E-flite Power 110
For the ESC Controllers, we chose the Phoenix Edge HV 80 units.