Outer Wing - Step 1:
Start by cutting W21 (1/4 x 3/8 spruce) and W22 (3/8 x 3/8 spruce) using the front view for guidance on cutting the 5° angle. Pin in place.
Next dry fit the wingspar parts W17 and W19 with ribs with W13 and W11. Sand as necessary and then glue W17 to W21, and W19 to W22. 
Next glue in ribs W11 and W13 and 14.
Place weighted material across W17 and W19 to insure good bonding.
During the glue drying process, place W9 and W8 in place but do not glue at this time - use these to maintain the alignment of W17 and W19.  Glue W12 in place.
Before gluing W9 and W10 in place, sand the hole for the phenolic tube so it fits in place.
Do not glue in Rib 8 at this time.
Outer Wing - Step 2:
Glue and pin in place W75, then W52 and W77.  Let this dry.  W52 is an alignment jig
to ensure rib 8 is glued at a 95% angle
Outer Wing - Step 3
Glue one piece of W61 to each side of the loser, front wing spar, then glue to each side W41’s.  These again are alignment jigs to ensure Wing Rib 8 is glued at a 95% angle.
Now you can glue on Wing Rib 8.  Use TiteBond glue for the basswood\Lite-Ply joints.
Use CA to join Rib 8 to the
alignment pieces
Outer Wing - Step 4
Glue in place the front
Inner leading edge W28.
Do not glue W48 - the outer leading
edge until the wing is sheeted.
Outer Wing - Step 5
Glue in then phenolic tubes, and then glue W29 & W30, then W34 and W35. 
These must fit tight within the Ribs as they represent part of the spar, so if you are loose, fill in with basswood shims.
Let this dry.
Outer Wing - Step 6
Glue in place W23 and W24, the tops of the wing spars.  Apply weights and let dry.
Outer Wing - Step 7:
Glue in place W39
Outer Wing - Step 8:
Glue in place W68’s in the wings, and A10’s and A11’s in the Aileron.
Also glue in place W56 diagonal bracing
Outer Wing - Step 9:
Build your Ailerons and outer flap
as shown on the drawings.
Outer Wing - Step 10:
Add some balsa blocking in between Wing Rib’s 8 & 9 for the outer flap hinging.
Outer Wing - Step 11:
Glue two parts W42 (basswood strips) in the area where the aileron servo is to be installed
Lay down two pieces of sheeting under the
leading and trailing edge of the wing. 
Then place in Parts W40 and W73 in place. 
Then glue in place W42 and W76. 
This will allow parts W40 and W73 to
be flush with your sheeting. 
Glue in two W76 (basswood strips) in the area where the outer flap servo is to be installed.
Outer Wing - Step 12:
Clamp the Aileron to the outer wing assembly and then sand the trailing edge of the wing and the leading edge of the aileron at the same time