Sheeting the B25 Mitchell
I started with the Engines, as the rear had compound curves which was hard to wrap with a sheet, so I planked it.
Side View of Engine Nacelle

The rest of the engine nacelles are 6" diameter round,
and were easy to sheet.
Another view of the Sheeting.
Here are a few shots of the secondary leading edge fore the starboard wing.  Prior to sheeting, the upped edge needed to be sanded to match the contour of the rib.

.                  Closer view of sanding the secondary LE 
Finished Edge ready for sheeting
After the engines, I started with the inner wings.
Another view of the port wing.
Here, the outer and inner port wing has been sheeted
Here is the starboard inner and outer wing.
The Wing!
Starting the Fuselage, the front nose has a few compound curves, so I thought I'd start there first.
Sheeting of the Fuselage.  Started by soaking the
balsa and sheeting the curved pieces first.
Bomb-bay being sheeted.  This area will hold the
Robart air tank for the retracts.
Almost ready for fiber-glassing