B25 Bomber Specifications
72 inches
Wing Span
96 inches
Wing Area
1073 square inches (not including tail section)
Wing Loading
45.1 oz /ft 2
Completed Weight
21 lbs with all components
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8 Channel Transmitter\Receiver
Hitec HS 5485HB
All surfaces except rudder.
Hitec HS 81 MICRO
Electrical System
Smart Fly Power Expander Sport
(2) LiFe 3200 MAh 6.6 volt battery packs
(2) JR Charge switches with charging jack
ElectroDynamics Glowlite Glow Plug Driver
ElectroDynamics Glowlite Twin Cylinder Accessory package
ElectroDynamics  Ultra II HD Charge Switch with charging jack
Nitro/Glow Engines
Saito 100 four stroke ( over-kill for the plane.  .82's will work just fine)
Electric Engines
Original Setup
Hacker Brushless A50-14L (Qty 2)
Hacker X-80 Opto Pro 3D ESC (Qty 2)
Thunder Power 3900mAh 5 -Cell/2S 18.5 V 20C (Qty 4)
Robart Retracts:
1 - #671R 1/2" dia RH Offset RoboStrut 3 1/2" - 4" Wheel
2 - #670 1/2" dia Straight RoboStrut
1 - #642RESE 95 deg Electric Nose Retract Robostrut Ready
1 - #630RSE 90 deg Electric Main Retracts Robostrut Ready with Electronics
(2) Dubro #414 square Fuel Tanks
2 & 4 stroke 15% nitro
Main Tires
Dubro 4.25 inch
Nose Tire
Dubro 3.25 inch
Electric Engines
2018 Version
E-Flite Power 110 Brushless Outrunner
castle Phoenix Edge HV 80 Brushless Speed Control
Zippy Compact 5000Mah 25C 5 cell