Here the table is in the kitchen, closer to the oven.  The faster you can get the hot plastic over the mold, the better the "pull".  A smaller frame is being used for this one part.  I simply taped over the holes in the peg-board not being used to maintain maximum vacuum pulling power.
Here is a larger frame, sitting on top of the vacuum table, after a pull, showing two molds or parts.
Here is a view of the frame after removing it from the vacuum table.
One move view of the table. 
A view of my system.  Here I am forming the
engine cowlings.
Close up shots of plug and form.  The plug has block spacers underneath it, .25 inches.  This allows the bottom of the plug to be level with the plastic clamped in the frame, and allows the air to be drawn away from underneath, which really improved the pull.
Notice the holes taped over
Another Pic of the pull just after contacting the base.
Vacuum Forming